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Commemorative Trees

Saying goodbye to someone close to you is really difficult. The Camerton Community Hall Commemorative Tree Package is a very tasteful and appropriate living gift to commemorate a special person in a beautiful Somerset countryside location steeped in history and with wonderful views across the Cam Valley.

Tree Package

The Commemorative Tree package includes:

⦁    A Native UK tree sapling (minimum 6ft high) - Choose any tree from our approved list

⦁    A choice of locations within the site (subject to availability)

⦁    Personalised memorial plaque (up to 60 characters)

⦁    Plinth for your memorial plaque

⦁    Tree protector tube with stake

⦁    5 years maintenance and replacement cover in the event of your tree getting damaged

⦁    The facility to scatter your loved ones ashes around the tree (subject to certain conditions, see information on “Scattering of cremated ashes" - link below)

The total price is £450 per tree


Types of Trees (All subject to availability and suitable location for the type of tree):

The Silver Birch and Hazel tree are all popular choices when celebrating the life of a lost friend or family member. In Celtic mythology the Hazel tree embodies wisdom, faith and inspiration. The Silver Birch is highly sacred and symbolises new beginnings, renewal and protection. Its striking silver bark could be a meaningful addition to any garden or open space filled with trees which have contrasting bark colours.

To celebrate the life of a beloved taken away too soon, you may want to choose a tree such as the Rowan or Hawthorn – both are filled with beautiful, playful blossom each spring and delicate, ruby red berries in autumn. In Celtic mythology, the Rowan is known as the ‘Tree of Life’ and symbolises wisdom and protection. It’s also a sacred tree which protects the dwelling by which is grows. The Hawthorn is a magical tree that represents love and protection. It is so sacred that fairies are said to live beneath it to keep it safe for years to come!

The Wild Cherry blossoms only bloom once a year and their gentle, pale petals surround us for a short time. It’s because of this that the Cherry not only represents beauty and innocent pleasures, it also teaches us to appreciate the brief time we share together with our loved ones.

The Willow has come to symbolise renewal, growth, vitality and immortality

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